Here you can find some of Pauls work as actor and filmmaker, singer and composer.


The latest Showreel in German. Additional english scenes starting at 05:43 (Click to get there directly)

Berliner Weihnacht (Berlin Xmas)

Besides composing music for his films, Paul also composes little songs like this from time to time, which was created during Christmas 2015.

Ständchen aus Schwanengesang

Paul also had training in classical singing and didn't lose his passion for it during his acting training.


"Femphobia" is shortfall created by Paul himself for the "My Rode Reel Australia" Contest where he was responsible for the script, directing, camera, lighting, sound and music, cut and acting as well.

Ein Teil von mir... ( A Part of me...)

Another Short Film created by Paul for the 99 Fire Film Award. The goal was to create a 99 seconds long short film in a period of 99 hours. Paul was responsible for the whole Creation as well.

Teaser "Nostradamus Experiment"

Paul played the Lead Character in the yet to come "Nostradamus Experiment". 

Werbedemo Voice Over ( Eng)

This little Voice Over was basically created just for fun but it shows how versatile Pauls Voice can be.