Paul Hantzsch

Acting and Directing

Paul Hantzsch is a professionally trained actor and passionate film maker all in one. No matter if it's Action, Drama, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy -or Sci-Fi...Paul has got the right Look and the matching passion of detail no matter what genre. His Love for poetry gives him the right amount of sensibility and his disciplined devotion for natural bodybuilding empowers him with the right amount of Force.  Next to his occupation as actor, Paul can also be booked as Film maker ( a.e. for Demos, Adverts and more).

Have a look in the category "Demos" to enjoy some of his works.


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On the 28th of August Paul aired on RTL in the Movie "Mein Bräutigam heiratet eine Andere" in the role of Jan Winther!


This episode can still be seen online for a while under the following link:


Mein Bräutigam heiratet eine Andere


In July and March Paul aired on RTL in 5 episodes of "Berlin Tag und Nacht" in the role of Felix Wagner.


Two of the last episodes can still be seen online here:


Folge 1750



Folge 1751

Here are a few new glimpses from American Showdown 8 in which you can also catch Paul in his role of Brody in some Moments:

Check out the new Teaser for "The Darkest Nothing: Paraphrenia" in which Paul is playing the role of Anthony! Really cool Project!













Paul was starring in the role of Anthony in the movie " The Darkest Nothing - Paraphrenia"

To be released in 2018.





Paul did an interview for the Behind the Scenes of "American Showdown 8"








Paul was in the role of "Mr.Corda for the production "Eight Days" by Sky.

Probably to be released in 2018

Paul was shooting two commercials for the Coupon Website "". One of the Clips can be seen HERE (please click)

Paul was part of the Cast for American Showdown 8 as Brody. It was shot during Summer/Autumn 2016

Currently Paul is shooting the movie "Space" ( by Ruben Marquez) on the side of his wonderful colleague Susen Ermich!

BIG NEWS: The Movie "Nostradamus Experiment" in which Paul played the Lead Role "Victor" has received the Award "Best Horror Film" on the IHOLLY Festival in LA!

Pauls self made short movie for the 99 FIREFILM Awards 2016 is now online. You can watch it HERE. In this Short you can experience Paul from a completely different humorous side.

Paul will once again be taking part at the 99 FIREFILM Awards 2016. Stay tuned!

Paul has made it to the second round of an international Casting for the australian Horror Movie "Grey Fear". Wish him Luck!

Paul has once again composed something during Christmas Time. See the result "HERE" (click)

Paul has been in the sound booth recording lines for the BOSCH commercial.

Paul is playing the male Lead Role in a Short Film called " Transit in Berlin" by Kashi Grobe. Will be released in Spring 2016.

Paul will play the role of "Mr.Müller" in Martin Mahlings Application- Short "Friendship"

"Little things matter too...": Paul will be seen in various Shots of the upcoming Captain America 3" Civil War" as GSG9- Taskforce.

He'll also be in various Scenes of "The Lake".

Paul has had a lead role as Wolfgang in a commercial for BOSCH in cooperation with the HAWK Hildesheim. Project title: Bosch in Bewegung.

Will be released in January 2016.

Paul  has created a new Short Movie called "Femphobia" as part of the international "My Rode Reel" Contest 2015.  He took care of everything himself including camera, directing, writing, editing, sound, score, acting and so on. Also starring in this Short is Kristina Kostiv ( known for German Angst) . Soon Paul will create a "Directors Cut" of this, due to the contest 3mins long Short, which will then be around 7 Minutes long and participate in several Festivals.

Click onto "Vote for Femphobia" to get to the Website of Rode where you can vote for Paul by clicking on the button "Vote" there.

Alternatively you can watch the movie directly here: